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CILANTRO Cook with either the leaves or the seeds for extra flavor. Keep this plant in filtered light. If you want a continual harvest, sow a new seed every week. Sow one seed directly in the ground 1/2” deep. Every 5 inches sow another seed. This plant will reseed itself once it gets going.


Edible leaves, flowers and seeds! Sow seeds directly outdoors in rich soil. This plant will reseed itself.

Garlic Chives

GARLIC CHIVES Delicious chives with a mild garlic flavor. These can be directly seeded into the soil or started indoors. Sow one seed every 4-8 inches.

Genovese Basil

GENOVESE BASILThis is a chef favorite for its sweet flavor and strong aromas. Sow seeds directly outdoors as temperatures warm up. Continue to sow seeds every week so you have more to harvest. Pinch the basil above a node so you get a bushier healthier plant. Does well in a rich potting mix.


Commonly referred to as Greek Oregano, it has a better flavor than traditional oregano. Sow seeds indoors just beneath the surface of the soil. Space out one seed every inch. Prefers a well draining soil.


Giant of Italy, a favorite of chefs, this variety produces large bushy plants that continue to supply large flat leaves with strong flavor. Sow seeds directly in the ground, or start indoors in a small pot. Space out 1 seed every inch. For best results, try soaking seeds in warm water for 24 hours before planting. Does well in full sun or partial shade in a well draining potting mix.


Native to the Mediterranean, this is an evergreen shrub. Does well in pots. Keep it outside your kitchen in full sun. Sow seeds indoors 1/4’ below the soil. Space out one seed every inch. Keep in room temperature. Plant outside in late spring using sandy or well draining soil.


SAGEYour new kitchen favorite! We use this sage for everything imaginable from seasoning food to cold remedies. At the end of spring, sow seeds indoors or directly outdoors, leave them on the surface of the soil. Space out one seed eery inch. Every 3 years you can divide the plant to have even more! Likes a rich potting mix.


SPEARMINTOur favorite tasting mint variety. A fresh addition to your cocktails, salads, desserts and teas. Be sure to plant mint in its own container as mint can spread and quickly take over your garden. A little goes a long way with these tiny seeds. Do your best to only sprinkle a small amount and cover with a dusting of soil.


Use this herb in a multitude of recipes from soups, potatoes, meats or vegetables. Sow seeds indoors, leave them on the surface of the soil. Space out 1-2 seeds every inch. Cut plants back each spring to avoid a woody looking pant. Prefers well draining dry soil.

For most wildflower seeds:
• Choose a location you want to plant, loosen the soil up, clear any weeds, throw the seeds and water
• Be careful not to overwater once the plants have established. California Native plants have evolved to survive drought.


Native California plants prefer a dry, quick draining soil. Ask for a cactus mix at your local nursery.

Bird’s Eye Gilia

Generous flowers with BLUE pollen. Bees and other pollinators love bathing in it and emerge from the flowers dusted in blue. This does well in planters or in the ground. Sow seeds directly outdoors from late fall all the way through spring. These seeds need sunlight to germinate so leave them lightly pressed into the soil without covering.

Blue Eyed Grass

In the iris family, this is a great plant to sow around borders or in planters. This is a great option for borders or more shaded areas though it prefers full sun. Sow seeds 1/4" deep. They will germinate in 30-80 days. Prefer more water than other natives in the mix. Keep soil moist.

Blue Gilia

Blooms all summer long like blue fireworks. Does well in planters or in the ground. Sow directly outdoors from late fall all the way through spring. These seeds need sunlight to germinate so leave them lightly pressed into the soil without covering.

California Poppy

Comes up quickly and so much fun to sow. Does well in planters and in the ground. Sow at scattered times so you will have continuous blooming. Sow seeds from fall through winter for best results. California Poppies need sunlight to germinate so keep the seeds on the top of the soil. Seeds will germinate in 14-20 days. Continue cutting the blossoms for new growth through the summer, then leave them to reseed.

Clarkia (Bottae)

Blooms at the end of spring to signal the beginning of summer. Does well in planters or in the ground. Sow seeds directly on the surface of the soil in early spring. Continue watering until germination occurs in 7-10 days, then reduce the watering schedule. Likes full sun but tolerates partial shade. Tolerates many soil types.

Narrowleaf Milkweed

The most important plant for Monarch Butterflies. Prefers to be in the ground, if you plant in a pot or planter be sure to water from below and not above. Plant seeds 1/8" deep and 18" apart, using 3 seeds per hole. Keep the soil evenly moist until the seeds germinate in 10 - 20 days. Once the seedlings reach 1", thin out so you have individual plants spaced 18" apart. Water regularly allowing the soil to go nearly dry between each watering. Once established, water once every 2 weeks. This plant will reseed readily.

Purple Chinese Houses

Beautiful purple blossoms. Does well in planters but prefers to be in the ground. Prefers shady areas but can tolerate sun. Sow seeds directly on the soil in the Fall. Seeds will germinate in 10-30 days. Water until blossoms appear.

Sky Lupine

Cheerful smaller lupines, prefer to be in the ground. Delicate perfume. Sow seeds directly in the soil 1/2" deep in full sun. Keep the soil moist until germination in 10 days. Once established only water 2 times a month.

Sticky Monkey Flower

Orange blossoms that last through the summer, an amazing plant for pollinators. Does well in planters or in the ground. Sow outdoors in late fall through winter. Needs sunlight to germinate. Germinates in 10-20 days. Sow seeds directly on the surface of the soil and do not cover, water until established and reduce watering to 2x a month.

Tidy Tips

Yellow daisy-like cups of sunshine. Does well in planters or in the ground. Sow directly in the soil and do not cover. Needs sunlight to germinate. Germinates in 7-20 days. Water until established and continue to sow more seeds in early summer for longer blooms.



Fast growing and spicy, you will want to harvest these when young. Can grow in full sun or partial shade. Sow seeds directly outdoors 1/4” deep. Sow one seed every 3 -6 inches.

Buttercrunch Lettuce

Just like it’s name says, this is a buttery soft bright green lettuce. This will do better in cooler weather but can tolerate heat. Sow seeds directly outdoors, 1/4” deep space one seed every 6-8 inches.

Lacinto Kale

A favorite for its flavor and texture. Best eaten when leaves are soft and young. Sow seeds indoors 1/4” deep plant one seed 24 inches apart. Harvest from the bottom of the plant and leave the top to grow up like a palm tree. You will be able to harvest for months.


A great plant for borders that also keeps pests away from other plants! The petals are a colorful and tasty edition to salads. Sow seeds directly outdoors in a slightly dry soil. Sow one seed 1/8” deep spaced 12 inches apart. Likes full sun!


Bright flowers and variegated leaves. Both the flowers and leaves are edible and add a peppery flavor to salads. Sow seeds directly outdoors in moist soil. Sow one seed every 6-12 inches. Likes full sun.


A colorful edition to salads or desserts. These velvety blossoms are an aesthetic addition to any dish. Sow seeds indoors or outdoors. Spacing one seed every 6-10 inches.

Red Sail Lettuce

Sow directly into the soil 1/4” deep and space one seed per 10 inches. Most lettuce prefers filtered light but these can handle direct sun. Continue sowing seeds for constant supplies of lettuce.


Crunchy and great in salads or sandwiches. Sow directly outdoors 1/4” deep with one seed every 6-8 inches. Continue to sow for constant harvesting. Likes full sun or partial shade.


Fast growing and flavorful leaves with generous yield. Spinach prefers cool weather, sowing seeds in late summer will generate a fall crop. Continue planting every 10 days for longer harvest times. Sow one seed 1 inch apart 1/2” deep then thin every 6-8 inches.

Swiss Chard

Colorful rainbow chard gives a spectrum of colorful stems. Sow seeds directly outdoors one seed every 4 inches 1/2” deep. Space the rows 20 inches apart, these plants get big. Prefers full sun.


Black Beauty Eggplant

A chef favorite for its tender skin and flavor profile. Fruits range from 1-3lbs. Start indoors at the beginning of Spring. For guaranteed germination, soak seeds before putting in the soil. Sow one seed 1/4” deep in two weeks plant outdoors spaced 24 inches apart. Likes 8 hours of full sun and lots of water.

Brandywine Tomatoes

Delicious and juicy heirloom tomatoes. Indeterminate and extremely productive. Sow seeds indoors placing one seed 1/4” deep. Transplant outdoors spacing every 35”. Plant basil around your tomato plant. Provide a support or trellis for the tomato to grow on. Make sure to snap off any suckers. Keep in full sun.

Chiogga Beets

Candycane striped beets. Great raw, roasted or pickled. Sow seeds directly outdoors in the early Spring. Plant every two weeks for a continual harvest. The greens are a very healthy addition to juices, stir frys or soups. Sow one seed every 2 inches at a 1/2” depth, then thin to 6 inches apart.

Diva Cucumber

Tasty and crispy cucumber variety. Sow directly outdoors by creating a small mound or hill. Add 3 seeds per mound. Since they vine, you will want something for them to climb on and be supported.

French Breakfast Radish

Fast growing flavorful radish. White tips with rosey tops. Sow seeds directly outdoors in early spring through fall. Sow one seed every 2 inches, space rows 12” apart. Likes full sun.

Provider Beans

Easy to grow and abundant green bean. Sow directly outdoors, place one seed every 2 inches at a depth of 1”. Likes full sun.

Snowball Cauliflower

A delicious vegetable roasted, steamed or baked. Prefers cooler temperatures and a lot of water. Sow seeds indoors, in 10 days plant them outdoors spaced 24 inches apart. Likes full sun and cooler temperatures.

St. Valery Carrots

Delicious sweet carrots with bright orange-red roots. Sow directly in the ground spacing one seed every 1/2 inch and a 1/4” deep. Then thin to 2-4 inches apart. Continue to sow for a steady harvest. Carrots take their time to germinate and require steady moisture until then. Does well in various lighting conditions.

Super Sugar Snap Peas

Vining sweet snap peas. Delicious eaten raw or stir fried. Continue harvesting peas for more yield. Peas prefer colder weather. Sow seeds outdoors in early spring. Place one seed every 3 inches. Provide a support for them to grow on.

Utah Celery

Crisp and flavorful, celery takes a longer time to reach maturing (100 days). Celery seeds like light and moisture to germinate. Sow them indoors with a clear cover to keep moisture. Transplant when there are 2 true leaves planting 10 inches apart. Keep in full sun or partial shade. Be patient, this celery is worth it.