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Only 100 bottles made 

A cross pollination between chef Balo Orozco and The Plant Intelligence Agency. 

This remineralizing adaptogenic vinegar has been infused for 8 months. 

The shiso (Perilla frutescens var. crispa) was grown and harvested in the PIA Lab Garden. The soil was tested, no pesticides or fertilizers were used. 

Enjoy 1 tablespoon before meals as an adaptogen. Mix into salads for a flavorful dressing. Add to sparkling water to enliven your beverages. 

Shiso is an adaptogen.

Adaptogens are natural substances, that help the body adapt to stressors, both physical and mental. They're believed to support the body's ability to cope with stress by regulating various physiological processes. Adaptogens are thought to work by balancing hormones and other bodily functions, supporting the adrenal glands, and enhancing the body's overall resilience.

Shiso, also known as Perilla, is a culinary herb widely used in Asian cuisines, particularly Japanese and Korean. It's considered an adaptogen due to its reported stress-relieving properties and ability to promote overall well-being. Shiso contains various minerals and compounds that contribute to its adaptogenic properties, including:

  1. Iron: Important for energy production and oxygen transport in the body.
  2. Calcium: Essential for bone health and muscle function.
  3. Potassium: Helps regulate blood pressure and fluid balance.
  4. Magnesium: Involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body, including nerve function and muscle relaxation.
  5. Zinc: Supports immune function and wound healing.

Chef Balo's dedication to sourcing produce from local farmers markets and small growers aligns perfectly with the Plant Intelligence Agency's mission to promote sustainability and harness the health benefits of unique plants. Known for his creativity in combining unlikely flavor pairings, Chef Balo has already captured our hearts with his exceptional kombucha creations. Now, with the introduction of this shiso-infused adaptogenic vinegar, the synergy between our projects reaches new heights. With Chef Balo's integrity and commitment to quality ingredients at the forefront, this collaboration promises to deliver a truly exceptional product that celebrates the flavors and health benefits of shiso. 

Join us as we delve into the intersection of gastronomy and plant intelligence, experiencing a unique taste journey crafted with care and expertise.

Ingredients: Shiso, Barbera Grape Vinegar, Sugar (for fermentation)