California Poppy Drops
California Poppy Drops

California Poppy Drops

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From seed to flower, hand cultivated California Poppy flower, leaf, stem. Harvested at peak season and immediately processed in small batches with care. Strictly watered with rain. Flowering tops tincture.  

It's time to calm down! Our California Poppy Drops are grown from our California Wildlfower seed mixes in the PIA lab garden. We hand harvest in peak sunshine on a full moon day leaving enough behind for the birds, bees and insects we grow them for. As with our other products, we want you to grow your own. Get to know how this plant works with your body and mind. Unlike other calming products this is gentle and non addictive. Our wish is for you to develop a bond with the plants. Notice when you support yourself, you can support your ecosystem. 

Just as a California Poppy closes its petals at night, imagine yourself wrapped in the comfort of the silken petals. The drops will make you feel calm, relaxed and restful. Awake in the morning ready for the sun!


Once these sell out we will not have more until 6 weeks after harvest season

We grow every plant we harvest and do not recommend buying products from suppliers who are not transparent about their plant sources. Our soil is lead free. 

1:5 Herb Menstrum

California Poppy in 50% alchohol.

Macerated for 2 lunar cycles in glass vessels.

Cold Pressed

Add 5 drops to a small amount of water up to 3x a day.

Shake bottle before use.

Store in a cool, dark place.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not take if nursing or pregnant. Consult with your doctor before taking any products.